Idealistic harmony, heaven, paradise, peace … impossible?

Cynics or “realists” call me out on being too idealistic.  They scoff at utopia.

What is so wrong with utopia?  Even if we are never to achieve perfect harmony, does that give us the rationalization to not try for harmony, or not try hard enough?  One may argue that man is intrinsically evil: why allow ourselves this excuse?

What is so wrong with impossible?  Though total harmony is a high ideal that we will never achieve, there is nothing to say how close to impossible we will come.  The defeat, the apathy, the resignation comes from within.

We (in this middle class and up) live most breaths trying to achieve something easily possible: things and stuff.  Is that a life well spent?  I write these things to tell them to myself, by the way.  Whatever reaction you feel to my words is worth contemplating, friend. 🙂

I constantly imagine a utopia and compare my world with it.  Without that comparison, I lose sight of my mission to see how close to impossible I can go.  In that way, my heart lifts and I should hope I leave smiles along the path I walked.

A region of massive star formation about 6,000 light years from Earth in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way.